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Game Trader page

Listing of games for trade and games I want: Game Trade Page

Counter scans

Good quality scans of counters: Counter Scans

Game Variants

Some game scenarios, notes, variants, errata, Q&A, etc, for games that I'm interested in: Game Support

I've started a list of common wargaming abbreviations, and their explanations: Wargaming Abbreviations


I host iSimulacrum.com, the Internet side of John Kula's priceless newsletter on wargame collecting and accumlating, Simularcrum. Check out the game database there, and our effort to make it easily usable via the Internet.

Perry Moore's Wargame Site


Software & Files

Dicey v1.4.4 (updated 9/1/03): A simple Windows program to format a message for the dice server at pbm.com and send it out. It should run on any Windows platform, from Win95 on up.

Operation Elope Counters : A zip file containing a Corel Draw (.cdr) file, with additional counters for the misbegotten S&T issue #211 game.

The BROG Files : Berg's Review Of Games reviews, as found on eBROG in Word DOC format, here in real web pages, thanks to RHB's kind permission.


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