Battle Cry
A Command & Colors Game

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Welcome to the Fun! Battle Cry is a truly fun, fast playing board game invented by Richard Borg, published by Avalon Hill Games, Inc. an affiliate of Hasbro. It uses a gaming system he calls Command & Colors, which captures the game play in a nutshell: players alternate issuing a single command to their forces (choosing from among a group of command cards held in the hand), using the commands to move, battle and capture six battle flags from units of the other side. The simplicity of the rules, the beauty of the components, and the thoroughly enjoyable game play have suddenly captivated board game players everywhere!

What's New
New Scenario M4: Bill Wiggins has designed a multi-board rendition of the battle of Shiloh (both days) produced by Don Hessong graphically.
Don Hessong has provided a major Multiboard Expansion System for Battle Cry. See the Resources section for the direct link. For an interesting discussion of this system, check the Battle Cry folder on Consimworld
The site has been slightly updated, cutting the original huge index page into five manageable chunks, and has been relocated thanks to the generosity of Jonathan Arnold! I can now continue to add new materials to the site.

Major New Resource!
Derek Hohls has created a new XML based tool for rapid and simple specification of scenario maps, which also permits you to generate the scenario map using PNG instead of GIF or JPG. By using XML to describe the scenario contents, you will be able to rapidly design and test your scenarios because changes and new map generation are so quick. To get an idea of how useful this tool is, please download HexBattle ReadMe (in PDF), which describes the package and provides instructions and examples. If you like what you see, then also download the software package HexBattle Package (ZIP).

General Resources: Links to the Official FAQ, reviews and other resources.
New Scenarios: Provided by nine scenario authors
by Snow (A1-A5); by Bradford (A6-A10); by Hebraud (A11-A17,A23); by Vander Ark (A18); by Spicher (A19); by Kendall (A20); by Armada (A21-A22); by Hessong (M1); by Barber (M2) and by Wiggins (M3-M4).
Official Scenarios: Original Scenarios 1-15; Jackson Campaign Scenarios 16-18; 2002 Tournament Scenarios 19-21; Scenario 22.
Design Notes: Notes from Richard Borg and other observations about the game.

Quick Scenario Index

East: 1861
WV 07/02/61: 19: Falling Waters (Hoke's Run)
VA 07/21/61: 1: First Bull Run

Central: 1861
MO 08/10/61: A1: Wilson's Creek

East: 1862
VA 03/23/62: 3: Kernstown
VA 05/08/62: 16: McDowell
VA 05/25/62: 17: Winchester
VA 06/09/62: A17: Port Republic
VA 06/27/62: 5: Gaines Mill
VA 06/29/62: 21: Savage's Station
VA 07/01/62: A14: Malvern Hill
VA 08/09/62: 18: Cedar Mountain
VA 08/09/62: A4: Cedar Mountain
VA 08/28/62: 6: Brawner's Farm
VA 09/01/62: A19: Ox Hill (Chantilly)
MD 09/17/62: 7: Antietam
MD 09/17/62: M3: Antietam (Multi-board!)
VA 12/13/62: 8: Fredericksburg

Central: 1862
AR 03/07/62: 2: Pea Ridge
AR 03/07/62: 20: Leetown (Pea Ridge)
NM 03/26/62: 22: Glorieta Pass
AR 12/07/62: A9: Prairie Grove

South: 1862
KY 01/19/62: A11: Fishing Creek (Mill Springs)
TN 04/06/62: 4: Shiloh
TN 04/06/62: M4: Shiloh (Multi-board!)
KY 10/08/62: A6: Perryville
TN 12/31/62: 9: Murfreesboro

East: 1863
VA 05/03/63: 10: Chancellorsville
VA 06/09/63: A12: Brandy Station
PA 07/01/63: M2: Gettysburg (Barlow's Knoll) (Multi-board!)
PA 07/01/63: M1: Gettysburg (Multi-board!)
PA 07/01/63: A2: Gettysburg (McPherson's Ridge)
PA 07/02/63: 11: Gettysburg (Devil's Den and Wheat Field)
PA 07/02/63: A20: Gettysburg (Cemetery Hill and Culp's Hill)
PA 07/03/63: 12: Gettysburg (Pickett's Charge)

Central: 1863
MS 05/16/63: A7: Champion Hill
MS 05/17/63: A13: Big Black River Bridge
TN 11/25/63: A23: Armstrong's Hill (Knoxville)

South: 1863
GA 09/20/63: 13: Chickamauga (Second Day)
TN 11/25/63: A3: Missionary Ridge

East: 1864
VA 05/8/64: A21: Wilderness (Second Day)
VA 05/12/64: A22: Spotsylvania Court House (Bloody Angle)
VA 05/15/64: 14: New Market
VA 05/16/64: A8: Drewry's Bluff
VA 07/30/64: A5: Petersburg (Battle of the Crater)
VA 09/19/64: A15: Third Winchester (Opequon)
VA 09/21/64: A16: Fisher's Hill

Central: 1864
LS 04/09/64: A10: Pleasant Hill

South: 1864
GA 05/25/64: 15: New Hope Church
TN 11/30/64: A18: Franklin

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